Sunday, March 8, 2009


Do you want to quit smoking? If you would like to quit smoking then try learning how to destress yourself.

The reason, I believe, we smoke, or carry on any unhealthy habit, is because we believe that it will make us feel better. The first time you smoked, you probably hated it, or you loved it. Either way, it possibly gave you a feeling of destressing.

Chances are, that feeling has not been felt in a long time. Chances are, there is an association to that first time you smoked and feeling good.

If you make a commitment to destress yourself, you will learn how to be more aware of your feelings and consciously become a nonsmoker.

Why quit smoking? Well, health is the number one reason, but there is the money issue, there is the interruption of what you are doing, so that you may go smoke a cigarette, there is the matter of smelling like smoke, all the time, and finally, you will be able to smell things better. That last one does not seem like a big deal but, I will tell you what, you will notice the difference and enjoy it when you do notice it.

Hang in there, never give up, never quit trying to quit.

Good luck to you and if you need help, follow this blog, comment, email me, and we can work together.



Elizabeth Stanfill said...

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