Friday, December 5, 2008

How to Destress and Smoke Less-Lesson Two

How is your attitude towards Quitting Smoking? Did you do your homework from Destress and Smoke Less-Lesson One? If you haven't, I would suggest you go back to that particular post and DO IT!

This quit smoking thing is not going to be easy but it can be done!

This lesson is about looking at our thoughts and how they can help to quit smoking.

One of the most stressful habits we have as a society is being busy. We are sooooo busy that our mind is racing on auto pilot. When we are on auto pilot we do not have the habit of paying attention to our thoughts.

Last weeks lesson was suppose to help with our attitude and to look at our thoughts about never giving up by saying to ourselves, "I want to quit smoking and I am going to quit smoking." After doing this homework you must have noticed some thoughts and your attitude you may have about quitting smoking.

In order to Destress and Smoke Less we must first look at our mind and our thoughts towards this whole process. By doing this we can notice our limiting beliefs and notice the thoughts we have that are blocking us from moving forward because we get what we think about. If we are thinking that we have tried everything and nothing will work, then that is what we will get. But if we start to say, and then think, "I want to quit smoking and I am going to quit smoking," then we start to notice and evolve our thoughts and get what we think. Make sense?

For this lesson our homework is the same but just a new phrase. The phrase that we will say over and over again for this week is, "I am a nonsmoker." With this phrase, notice your thought process and notice what kind of conversation you are having with yourself in your mind. Just noticing our thoughts at this point will begin the process of Destress and Smoke Less.

Good luck!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to have fun and be playful, because it is in your nature.


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